Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Artist's Inspiration

Today's snowstorm has painted the earth with such glorious beauty. An artist needs to look no further than their own backyard to find inspiration. God's creation lays the scene and the artist takes notice! This is the view that I woke up to this morning - as my horse finds refuge in her stall, herself enjoying the beauty of the falling snow. So the busy-ness slows down if but for a few hours - isn't it grand? It's a sabbath for the soul. Even the crisp, cool air is refreshing! I'm so inspired I'm ready to paint!


  1. Your words express my feelings for this beautiful snow so perfectly, Lyn. Even as the day ended, the sky turned aqua and pink and made the snow glow with subtle color. What a gift of a day!

  2. I love your horse peeking out the stable door, Lyn. I agree with you and Claire... a beautiful day!