Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cherry Blossoms, oil, 24x30

This is my horse, Jayde, grazing on the fresh Spring grass during the short two-week blossoming of the cherry trees. I was drawn to the perspective of the tree and fence lines and sunlit colors of the horse, the pink and white blossoms, and the spring grasses. What a pallette!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you to Claire Beadon Carnell for including me as a new blogger for this award. If it wasn't for Claire I wouldn't know how to do this blog, so I return this award back to you as thanks. Please check out Claire's blog and her other favorite bloggers.
I pass this award along to seven other artists whose blogs I enjoy.
Before I send you off to their wonderful sites, here are 7 things about me you might like to know:
  1. I love and serve my savior, Jesus Christ, because, Praise God!, He took my sins away!
  2. Along with a love of art, I love to write!
  3. I love my cutest four nephews as if they were my own kids!
  4. I enjoy quiet, peace and praying.
  5. I honor the elder generations for their wisdom and experience.
  6. My family and church are my best friends.
  7. I have the best dog in the whole world!

NOW, those seven great bloggers...

Debbie Becks-Cooper - for her beautiful texture work

Mary Beth Brath - for starting her blog yesterday

Edward Burton - for taking us to the museum

Diane Morgan - and her lovely watercolors

Pat Koscienski - for those great landscape abstracts

Jennifer Lawson - for great storytelling

Diana Marshall - and her challenging subject matter

List 7 things about you and pass it along to 7 Kreative Bloggers. Go visit these artist's supreme blogs!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cupcake, 5x7

This is my first painting from the Different Strokes From Different Folks Blog Challenge, where artists paint their own interpretations of the same photograph. I chose to focus on a single cupcake and it's shadow. The curves of the icing, the tonal changes in the shadows and the reflection of the yellow cake on the grey tabletop. Cupcakes make a beautiful work of art.