Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Codori Farm, Gettysburg

I am blessed every year to be part of the Plein Air Paint Out at the Gettysburg Festival. We paint all week on the battlefields and around Gettysburg and then exhibit the works at the end of the week. This year we exhibited at the Historic Railroad Station where Abraham Lincoln came through to deliver the Gettysburg Address. I love this event for the sheer kinship with history. One cannot stand for 3 hours in one spot while painting, partaking in the vast open spaces of the battlefields and not connect with it's significance. It is a worship experience as I thank God for those before me who sacrificed all to deliver a nation, just as Christ sacrificed all to deliver our souls. This scene, I hope, fills your senses with peace, quietness and tranquility.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wildwood Lake, oil, 9 x 12

Last year I attempted to paint plein air at the wetlands of Wildwood Sanctuary and was overwhelmed by the scene. So last week we went back there to paint and I chose this simple scene and made a goal to finish it within 2 hours. I was pleased to meet that goal - other than a few finishing touches in my studio when I returned home. I also may add the little egret that was standing on the water line. For me, as I am growing and learning, each painting serves as a study and as long as I am able to accomplish the goal of the study I am pleased.